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Dr. Moumine Sanogo,deputy head of BSL-3

Dr. Sanogo is Pharmacist and deputy head of BSL-3 University of Science, Technique and Technologies of Bamako. I have a rich and varied background in several areas of medical biology especially in microbiology and virology before joining SEREFO’s lab. Since July 2010, he is working in the SEREFO Tuberculosis BSL-3 laboratory (TB) unit, involving in studies on transmission dynamics and the immune response to tuberculosis infection,
especially in individuals who are co-infected with HIV. Right now, he is focusing on students training and evaluation and also coordinated laboratory results signatures and transmission to clinicians.

As part of different protocols, we are performing TB diagnosis and identification using classical and molecular tools (fluorescent smear microscopy, solid and liquid culture, Capilia TB test, GenProbe Accuprobe, Line Probe Assay using Hain LifeScience, MGIT AST/SIRE drug susceptibility testing to detect early drug resistance, and spoligotype analysis to identify the strain’s genotype).

I also have and expertise in Biosafety and Biosecurity in Laboratory and an expertise for presentive maintenance of biological epuipement such as fluorescence microscope, incubator and GeneXpert. UCRC BSL-3 team have been playing a key role durng Mali Ebola Virus outbreak to diagnose all Mali suspected case in Mali by RT-PCR method.

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Ibrahima DIA

Communication Officer of the University Clinical Research Center (UCRC). idia@icermali.org/diaou270@yahoo.fr

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