Quaterly staff meeting : The UCRC vision and missions presented to the employees

A UCRC quaterly staff meeting took place last Thursday, March 28th 2019, in the UCRC lab meeting room. The meeting chaired by the UCRC Director , Prof. Seydou Doumbia, was intended to make contact with new members and to exchange on the activities of the center. Around fourty employees took part to this meeting.
First, Prof. Seydou DOUMBIA MD, Ph.D presented the vision, mission and goals of the center for the coming years. He also clarified rules, roles and responsibilities, and Highlighted opportunities and concerns, opportunities to connect the team and the leadership.
According to him, the UCRC vision is to become an international clinical research center of excellence in West Africa, and it’s mission is to improve the quality of healthcare nationally, regionally and globally by facilitating excellent clinical research at international standards, strengthning research capacity and providing training.
« The UCRC will develop and define a governing Board, Executive Commitee and Operations team to support the development and implementation of the UCRC functions », he added. The Center
Governing Boad consists of representatives from each partner entity.
The Executive Commitee will compromise of members from each partner entity as well as stakeholder representatives. « This constituency ensures a balanced approch to providing guiddance and high level strategic vision for all the mechanisms, policies and processes under which the UCRC operates », said Professor Doumbia.
Before concluding, the Director recalled that the structure began to implement in 2015. And nowadays, the center employs about 59 people.
Ibrahima DIA, Communication Officer

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University Clinical Research Center

Ibrahima DIA, Communication Officer of the University Clinical Research Center (UCRC).

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