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Dr. Bassirou Diarra, Head of BSL-3

Bassirou has the expertie, leadership, trainingvexpertise and motivation necessary to successfully carry out different proposed research projects. He is one of the first scientist of SEREFO and joined the program in October 2003.

He has a broad background in molecular and clinical microbiology, with specific training and expertise on transmission dynamics and the immune response to tuberculosis infection, especially in individuals who are co-infected with HIV, and or with drug resistant tuberculosis. We perform TB diagnosis and strain identifications using classical and molecular tools (fluorescent and FDA smear microscopy using LED and ordinary microscopy, solid and liquid culture, Capilia TB test, GenProbe Accuprobe, MGIT AST/SIRE drug susceptibility testing to detect early drug resistance, and spoligotype analysis to identify the strains’ genotype). He also has experience in detecting and identifying mycobacterial strains from animals’ tissues.

In 2014, when the Ebola outbreak started in west Africa, he was the team leader to develop capacity to diagnose Ebola virus disease and they tested more than 100 suspected samples from suspect patients from Mali and Guinea, some of which were found to be positive for Ebola. As an Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Medecine, he is also involved in University/Academic activities. In addition since February 2015, he got a WHO sholarship to start a sandwish PHD at the University of Antwerp/Belgium.

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Ibrahima DIA

Communication Officer of the University Clinical Research Center (UCRC). idia@icermali.org/diaou270@yahoo.fr

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