Retirement ceremony: Ousmane Danté said goodbye to his colleagues, with tears in his voice.

The University Clinical Research Center (UCRC) organized a ceremony on Tuesday December 21, 2021 to mark the retirement of a Driver Ousmane Danté.

It is to immortalize the event that all the staff in Bamako, gathered in the UCRC Laboratory meeting room, in the presence of the UCRC Director, Professor Seydou Doumbia, close friends, in order to pay tribute to him for all the services rendered to the structure, since December 2003. After 20 years of good and loyal service to Serefo / UCRC, he is called upon to assert his retirement rights as of December 22, 2021.

In his intervention at the beginning of this solemn and modest ceremony, the head of the UCRC Biochemistry / Hemato laboratory Dr Yeya dit Sadio Sarro, recalled how much the colleague Danté has become an essential element in Serefo / UCRC, as well as for his experience and wisdom, even for his generosity and availability. “I cannot quote here all the contribution you made to the achievement in this structure. You are a brother to us and you will always remain ours, because you instilled in us values, such as diligence in work. “, added Mr. Diarrah Konaré, driver at the UCRC.

His very rich experience in the field of transport, his ability to work in a team and to collaborate with partners, his dedication and hard work were among other things the keys to the success of his mission. The tribute paid by the University Clinical Research Center (UCRC), in the presence of some of his closest collaborators, was the expression of the frank collaboration that has always existed with Mr. Danté.

I noted with satisfaction the career of Ousmane Danté, who is a professional gifted with quality driving, and who has always been able to respond promptly to the work . We wish you happy retirement, dear Danté, and our doors will always be open to you“, noted the UCRC-Director, Professor Seydou Doumbia. As for the NIH Representative, Elfrida Cline Cole, she saluted Ousmane Danté with gratitude for the work accomplished, his wisdom and his sense of respect.

A symbolic gift was offered to the future former colleague and collaborator, who, by speaking, expressed all his gratitude to the staff of the structure, for all the work carried out in a fraternal atmosphere. “I am grateful for all the support I have received from you, without which I could not accomplish the mission entrusted to me. I am proud to have been part of this team and I will always be available for you. Be tolerant of one another, be united and cultivate humility and cohesion within the structure, which is very dear to me and which was dear to the initiators…. I will have wronged you, I would have done it inadvertently, and not knowingly; So now is the time to beg your forgiveness because I forgive everyone … “said Mr. Danté, with tears in his voice.

The ceremony ended in a family and friendly atmosphere around dishes and drinks offered by the UCRC.      


UCRC Communication Office.

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Ibrahima DIA

Communication Officer of the University Clinical Research Center (UCRC).

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